Hi, I'm Layne.

Website Design by Layne

I haven't introduced myself in awhile so…

HI, I'm Layne, and I am a self-taught web designer from Aurora, Colorado! I began designing about 5 years ago and have loved doing it ever since. Minimalistic logos, natural color palettes, and websites with an immersive customer experience are my jam.

In addition to totally digging the world of web design, I am a yoga instructor, animal lover, vegetarian, Buddhist Psychology enthusiast, and former professional figure skater. I also LOVE learning. Podcasts, blogs, online classes & courses, TED Talks...pretty much personal development ANYTHING (share your favorites below, I love recommendations).


Another thing I really love to talk about is how I am engaged to my best friend in the whole world. He’s a pre-school teacher, my hiking/travel buddy, an amazing writer, and an absolutely kind, funny, & generous tall drink of water. You’re the best Trev!

ANYWAYS, I am really passionate about helping small businesses get the representation they deserve with a totally killer website. Wellness brands, healers, and yoga sites are my bread and butter, but I work with brands from all kinds of amazing industries.

You're the real MVP and I thank you kindly for reading this far. AND if you have a website but cringe at the thought of it, have started to build one on your own but get frustrated within the first hour (I've been there), or it's just something you've been meaning to gift yourself because your business rocks and you’re freaking worth it (!!!)...I'm your gal and want to help!

Let's get started!