Using the Doorway Method to Organize Your Offerings

doorway method mockup with tree shadow

This is a short a sweet post that I initially just meant to share on my Instagram, but I decided it was too important not to put in the blog as well. Here is a bit of an extended version!

A doorway method is the perfect way to organize your business when you specialize in multiple industries or niches. It’s basically a landing page with a very limited number of options to lead clients where they want to go.

Sometimes when entrepreneurs try to market to multiple industries at once, potential clients feel a sense of overwhelm. They may give up on trying to find the information they need, or give up on working with you altogether because they don’t get what your about.

Keep it simple for you and your customers by setting up strategic pathways. The goal is to lead customers directly to where they want to go and pay you some moola in the process.

Once I launched The Yoga Website Designer, I added a doorway from my social media platforms so that clients could easily access what they wanted. Removing obstacles is the name of the game. Buuuut…..

Keep SEO in Mind.

For my doorway method, I chose to just use my existing domain with a unique URL slug to put my Squarespace cover page on.

In English: I kept using my domain and added /layne-steege to the end of it to prevent sending traffic to an unnecessary number of different domains.

Spreading your traffic thin can hurt your domain rankings.

I do not have a doorway method to each website for that exact reason.

The only purpose of my doorway, is to help clients get from point A (my Instagram) to point B (the service they desire).

View an example by checking out my doorway and then explore NEW Yoga Website Designer page!

Need help creating a website of your own? Think you might benefit from a doorway method? Let’s work together!




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