Write the Perfect Tagline for Your Website & Business

Write the Perfect Tagline for Your Website & Business

Before clients buy your service, they of course need to know what you do. This post will help you plan out your tagline and introduce dream clients to your business.

This is important because website visitors decide how they feel about your brand anywhere between 50 milliseconds to 7 seconds of arriving on your home page (Forbes, 2018). That’s pretty fast!

To ensure you make the best first impression, you’ll want to combine design that evokes emotion, along with an amazing, customer attracting, tagline. This is a concise way of explaining exactly what it is that you do. It’s almost an elevator pitch but instead of 30 seconds, you have 5. Just 5 seconds to stand up and say, “this is what I’m about, and this is how I can help you.”

Follow the tagline formula and view my example below if needed.

Feel free to copy and paste the formula into a document of your own to write your own tagline!

Tagline Formula:

Who: Who is your business serving? This is usually the final product of the Ideal Client Exercise. 

What:  What exactly do you do? What service/product do you offer?

When: This component might not need to be included in your tagline, but you should definitely use it if it’s something that differentiates you as a business.

For example, many web designers can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to build a website. I offer this same service in 2-4 weeks. Does your business offer something similar that will attract clients to you?

Where: Is your business location dependent? Or location independent?

For my business, I could mention that my studio is Denver based, but it’s not completely necessary because I could work with anyone from anywhere.

 ***Note: You should absolutely include your business location if you have a brick and mortar business. If you have multiple locations, it should be included somewhere else in your website, but not your tagline.

Why: Why did you start your business? In other words, what problem do you solve for your clients? Do you help them heal pain in their bodies? Add a splash of color to their homes through beautiful art? Provide a coaching service that helps clients build confidence in themselves? Put that here.


Tagline writing example from The Yoga Website Designer:

Who: Yoga Professionals

What do you do? : Website Design Studio

When/Timeframe: A website completed in two weeks. (Not currently in my tagline, but it’s something important that I mention several times throughout the website.)

Where: I live in Denver but my business is location independent. If I had a location, I would include that information (e.g. based in Denver, Colorado)

Why do you do what you do? Which problem do you solve for clients?: Stunning, Intentional Designs. Client Winning Business Strategies

Call to Action: Start Your Journey

Complete tagline example:

The Design Studio for Yoga Professionals. Stunning, Intentional Designs. Client Winning Business Strategies. Start Your Journey.

Now that you have your tagline, what do you do with it?

Since your tagline is the introductory statement of your business to your customers, you’ll want to put it (along with your call to action) “above the fold” on your home page.

“Above the fold” is the amount of page a website visitor can see without needing to scroll down. It’s the first thing your client sees without having to take any action.

This is why you want to make it count. A strong image + your logo/name + a clear tagline + a call to action + your strategic website navigation = a rockin first impression.

Feel like you have a great start but need a little support? I’m happy to help!




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